Comfy Covid Bras #wfhstyle

If you have to wear a bra, it should at least be comfortable.
Let’s be honest — for the first few weeks of quarantine, we all went braless. Why should we have bothered? With nowhere to go and working from home, it was the perfect time to let loose (literally) and feel the freedom. 
But almost 8 months later, it’s a different story. Some of us with larger bustlines physically cannot go without a bra’s support; some of us are headed back to work; and some of us just need to feel like a real human being again. But after knowing the comfort of loungewear, how are we supposed to go back to wearing regular bras — let alone go back to shopping for them?
Here’s the good news: you can still treat yourself to a comfortable, casual bra that fits without leaving your house. Here are a few of our top picks for lightweight yet supportive bras to get you through COVID — use our fit calculator to find out which size will work best for you.
Bralettes are the all-stars of WFH, offering the support you need with minimal invasion. This one from Hanky Panky is a great choice to ease yourself back into the world of bra-wearing after quarantine.
Hate the thought of returning to underwire? This bra is your new best friend. It’s perfect for women with larger bustlines, as it supports well without the complexity and discomfort of boning or wire. 
Sometimes, you just want to be a little fancy — even if you’re still stuck at home. This lacy white bralette from Ellipse combines beauty with functionality, so you can feel sexy anywhere, including lounging on your couch. 
Leave us a comment letting us know your favorite COVID-friendly bras, and let us know how these ones worked out for you!

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