COVID Friendly Bra Manufacturers

Lately if you scroll on linked-in or any news feed you see how large name brands such as Zara or Louis Vuitton are switching over production of their warehouses to create hand sanitizer, masks, and gowns for healthcare workers.
These larger name companies are doing amazing work. We don't often hear about how small to mid size companies are helping in this crisis. Many family-owned businesses, households, or even bra companies are stepping up to help as well.
In particular, a few bra companies that we admire have been rising up.
In NYC, a lingerie company, Thistle and Spire, has had a call to action and has donated their production hours to sewing surgical masks and gowns and encouraging others to join them in their efforts.
For a more full coverage and minimizing bra brand, Va Bien, has also stepped up to convert their production operations to make face masks.
To learn more about how you can help and make your own mask out of an old bra, see the video below!
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