How is my bra supposed to fit?

What is the Perfect Fit?
We keep hearing that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, but what does that mean? That statistic comes from the fact that just because you are a 32B in one brand/style doesn’t mean that you’ll always be a 32B in every brand/style.
So how can you make sure that each bra that you’re trying on fits you? Check on these key components:
Straps: You want to make sure that the straps aren’t digging into your shoulders and leaving marks at the end of each day. If this happens, try loosening the straps just enough where you can stick two fingers under the strap comfortably. The straps are the easiest and first check to adjust to see if the bra can fit you better.
Cups: Your breast should not create a “muffin top” when you wear a bra. Your size and level of bloating will cause your bust size to fluctuate even within the same month so the best way to mitigate this problem is having a few sizes on hand that help fit your proper cup size no matter the time of the month.
Band: The easiest way to tell if a bra is too small for you is to take a look in the mirror at where the band lies on your back. Your band should be horizontal to the floor. You don’t want a band that is too high on your back or else you aren’t getting enough support!

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