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Now that everyone has more time at home, I’m sure cleaning and organizing has been top of mind. We thought that we’d share our favorite bra and delicates cleaning recommendations to help preserve the shelf-life of your bras.

“I wash my bra maybe once a month”

“Do you just put it in the washer and dryer?”

In the ideal world.. We would hand wash our bras in the sink and then lay them flat to dry. Preferably with a splurge detergent like the Laundress offers.

What not to do is to just add your delicates to your everyday washer and dryer routine.

So here’s a happy medium for busy women on the go who still would like to take care of their belongings! If you put your delicates (read bras and underwear) into a mesh laundry bag that can be found on sale today at Nordstroms ($9) or via the, if you would like to splurge on a delicates kit ($30), you can add them to your normal wash cycle.

Just remember not to put them in the dryer!

We would recommend that if you have enough of a laundry load of delicates to wait and save your mesh bra bag for your next delicates cycle in your washing machine laundry routine!

Nordstroms mesh bag

Laundress delicates kit

Laundress delicates wash

If all your bras are worn out from the washer and dryer, don't worry! Try our fit calculator to see which of our bras will work best for you, and you can replace them right now.

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