Top Misconceptions About Bras and Boobs

You’ll never think about them the same way.


So much of our habits and self-talk regarding breasts and bras hinge on one thing: our expectations. Many of us have grown up hearing the same myths about our bodies, our bra sizes, and how bras are supposed to fit, and then end up frustrated when (unsurprisingly) nothing looks or fits how we thought it would. So let’s name a few of the biggest misconceptions that shape our view of our boobs and bras, and get a few things straight.    

“My boobs will be the same one size, all the time.” 

Your breasts and bra size will change drastically over the course of your life, depending on the stage of life you are in. Puberty, pregnancy, post-partum, and menopause all impact a woman’s band and cup size, with pregnant women sometimes going up as much as three whole cup sizes! So instead of sticking to one bra size, make sure your undies arsenal has a variety of sizes for different stages of life.


“You should wear your bra on the tightest clasp.”

Not when the bra is new. Those extra clasp options are usually included so that, when the bra band inevitably stretches over a number of uses, you can tighten it and achieve the original fit. While it’s technically up to you how tightly you wear your bra band, buying a bra that fits well on one of the first set of clasps can help you get more bang for your buck over time. 


“If you have heavy boobs, you’ll always have red marks and impressions in your shoulders.” 

Say it with me, ladies: Heavy breasts do not equal discomfort. If your breasts are on the larger side and your bra is leaving red marks, that probably means that your bra’s band isn’t doing its job — so instead of your bust being supported from underneath, all of the strain is migrating to your straps and shoulders. To fix this, try finding a bra with heavy-duty underwire or a wide band. 


“A woman who wears an A has a smaller cup size than a woman who wears a C.”

Not necessarily! When it comes to cup size, it turns out both the letter and the number are important. The size of your back will affect your body proportions, so it also needs to be taken into consideration in bra sizing. Thus, a woman with a small back and larger breast mass who wears a 32C can have the same cup size as a woman with a larger back but smaller breasts wearing a 34A. 

“D is the largest cup size.” 

D sized breasts are actually quite common! In fact, 50% of women are size D or bigger. Although most department stores only carry sizes through DD, bras often come through sizes JJ at select retailers.  

“Every style of bra will fit me the same way.”

Not all bras are created equally — a lot about how a bra fits depends on your boobs themselves. Depending on your breast shape, different styles of bras will fit your physique differently. It might take some trial and error to find a style of bra that fits you best, but the end result will be worth it!  

"You find the right fit through trial and error."

Here at Bratadah, we refuse to accept the idea that finding the perfect bra requires several trips to retailers, countless fittings, and a whole lot of hassle. That's why we're leveraging data and using our unique algorithm to help women find their fit without having to leave home. When you use our fit calculator, you give us some information about your current bra, and we'll give you recommendations for bras across different brands. You might find that in one brand, you're a size that surprises you — and that's okay! At the end of the day, your size changes constantly, and (contrary to popular belief) doesn't really matter; what matters is that you find a bra that makes you feel supported, sexy, and comfortable.


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