Which style fits my bust shape type and size?

Most women don't know which bust type they are. The most common bust types are the following:

1) Asymmetrical bust- different size breasts

Some women have one breast larger than another, this is actually very normal, but for some women it's something they want to adjust for when shopping for a bra. If this is you, the best style bra for you is a bra with a removable pad, that way you can keep one pad in the smaller cup and remove the other to even out. Shop t-shirts with padding for your best bet.

2) Round bust- perfectly full on top and bottom

If you look at yourself in the mirror and your breast shape is as full on top as it is on the bottom then you have round breasts. This is the easiest bust shape to style. This bust shape can fit into anything. Have fun and show off your natural curves in a bralette since you don't need any support with your natural shape!

3) Slender bust- long and skinny

Slender breasts are narrow and tend to have nipples pointing downwards. Try a push up bra, that lifts up your breasts for some natural cleavage! Note: you don't have to have an extremely padded bra even in a push up bra style.

4) Side set bust- volume on your sides not the middle

Side set breasts tend to have more volume at the sides, but more importantly, more distance in between the breasts. A typically point at which you know you are side set vs not is if the distance in between your breast tissue is wider than 3cm. There are specific styles within each brand and style that are best suited to side set busts. The Natori Feathers Bra is one of them!

5) Athletic bust- wider set breasts with less breast tissue

Chances are you are a size A - C cup if you have an athletic bust shape. Athletically shaped breast tissue is wider than the usual archetypal breast shape which can make it hard for people with athletic breasts to find the right shape and fit. You may not even wear a bra somedays! If you want to be comfortable, wear a bralette, or an unlined t-shirt bra. If you are wearing a special top that shows the back or is strapless, you can even wear an adhesive bra.

6) Pointing east to west bust- breasts are pointed right and left not forward

If you look straight into the mirror and notice that your nipples point outwards, chances are this is your breast shape. You should look for full coverage bras that bring your breasts together and create more cleavage if that's the look you'd like to create!

7) Teardrop bust

Similar to a round shape bust. The teardrop bust has less volume on the top, this tends to happen if you have a larger cup size as naturally the weight of the breast tissue tends to pull the breast into a more natural tear shape. This is the most common shape for a typical C-cup to D-cup woman. This shape looks amazing in a balconette bra!

8) Bell-shaped bust

Bell shaped busts have less volume on the top of the breast than a teardrop bust (as shown above) and tends to happen naturally. especially to women who have experienced breastfeeding. If you have this style breast then you need a bit more support to give you shape and help lift you up. Try either a full coverage or demi bra depending on your cup size. For F+ (DDD) cup, try a full coverage bra, and for smaller than F (DDD) cup, try a demi bra that offers enough support and structure.

We've summarized all of this useful information below! Check out the fit calculator to #FindMyFit in the style that will best show off your curves!


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