We went out and asked women what type of bra they are wearing and what they are looking for in their next bra, and the answer was shocking! Turns out nearly 75% of the women we interviewed didn’t even know what a t-shirt bra was. 
The classic t-shirt bra is a basic staple. Think of the t-shirt bra like a basic french roast coffee. Designed to be worn in an everyday capacity under a basic t-shirt without any frills to pop out under your shirt. This bra is made to seem invisible under your clothes. A t-shirt bra comes in both wired and wireless cups and typically with slight lining to prevent nipples popping out through your shirt. When I think of a t-shirt bra I think of the first aqua blue Victoria Secret "real bra" my mom bought me when I was in 7th grade when a sports bra just wasn't "cool" enough to be wearing when we changed back into our clothes from gym class. T-shirt bras are meant to be extremely comfortable, just as comfortable as your basic T. Some of our favorite t-shirt bras on our site today include the Natori Pure Luxe bra.
Bralettes are wireless bras with no lining that fit like a low support sports bra. Many women wear bralettes during the day, but bralettes are a key staple for night time because of their relaxing and comfortable fit. The myth is that only women with a smaller (A/B cup) can wear bralettes. Don't be afraid if you're like some of the women on our team to wear a bralette if you have a larger cup size! In fact a lot of brands carry larger (and even made to order) bra sizes in their bralettes! Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and stylish in their bra regardless of size. The best news about a bralette is that because bralettes are so forgiving, they really work for any breast shape. We've come across bralettes that are both racerback straps as well as "typical" straps like our Hanky Panky bralettes.
Sports Bra
Most women wear sports bras when they work out, whether that's a low impact sport like yoga, or a high impact sport like running, your boobs need something to hold them in! As someone who has a larger cup size my whole life but still been very active, finding a good sports bra has always been such a struggle. I grew up having to wear two sports bras if I wanted to go for a run, or I'd have to wear a really unattractive/hideous sports bra. What I do like about sports bras is that they are moisture wicking, which is really good when you are working up a sweat (or even just wearing athleisure around the house).
Balconette & Demi
Balconette bras are harder to discern. So many people mix up a balconette bra with a demi bra. Both a balconette and demi bra look "sexy" and accentuate cleavage. These types of bras can be worn every day as a sexier alternative to a t-shirt bra because most of the time a demi/balconette bra is made with a lace material instead of a smoother fabric like a t-shirt bra. Because of this difference, be sure to try on a t-shirt over your balconette/demi bra before going out to see if the fabric pops through (as is the case when wearing certain lace bras). With their wide straps and cup styles, both balconette and demi bra styles are especially supportive for women who have broad shoulders and firmer breasts. The difference between a demi and a balconette bra is very slight and often not a major difference when it comes to finding your fit. A demi bra has more of a curved heart shape bottom band in the front while balconette bras tend to not have that front curve and be straight across. Lastly, while both bras lift your breasts up and create and accentuate your natural curves, a balconette bra tends to gently press your breasts inwards to create an illusion of more cleavage. Both of these bras are great alternatives to an every day t-shirt bra and our top sellers in this style are the Natori Feathers Contour Plunge bra and my personal favorite for a larger cup size is the Natori Flora bra because it gives the illusion of a demi but with fuller coverage so if you have a larger cup size it doesn't feel like you're going to fall out of your bra because of all of the extra coverage.
Push Up
A typical "push up" style bra has padding, the degree to how much padding that entails is variable. We learned that that's one of the factors that women find so hard about buying a bra online and not being able to touch/feel the amount of padding. The good news is, gone are the days when an unrealistic amount of padding is placed into bras to promote style instead of taking comfort also into mind."I remember going into Victoria Secret in high school with a B-cup and leaving the store a DD cup." ~ Marie, 28
When your outfit calls for no straps, which let's face it, happens if we are ever called to be a bridesmaid or want to wear a summer dress or even a formal or cocktail dress, a strapless bra is a must have. Unless you're blessed with getting away without wearing any bra, you're going to need some sort of support. If you are the lucky few who don't need to wear a bra, we have nipple covers to conceal any accidents or slippage. If you need a bit more support/shape/coverage than nipple covers then this backless adhesive bra is great to create shape while still allowing a backless/strapless structure. If you don't mind about the backless component, Natori makes a best selling strapless bra that sticks in place no matter your cup size!
A nursing/maternity bra was created for easier access for women who are doing just that, breastfeeding or nursing. Nursing/maternity bras really do come in all types. There are wireless and wired-cup nursing bras, as well as nursing bras that are in the form of a bralette for easy access. What really determines if you're wearing a nursing bra or not is that easy access clip that appears at the intersection of the strap to the cup.